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Lord of the Rings

André Lassen creates his own world. A wonderful world of eroticism and fear, but without "stress" or "hyperventilation".

"My ideas come naturally. I always have more than time to realize them. That's how I got the idea of making these rings. Although I had already finished my 'rings' period." Silversmith and artist André Lassen (34) refers to the famous book "the lord of the rings" by Tolkien. It inspired him to making his silver rings and meant the birth of his own, unique style. "My work has no special message. You could call it realism, sometimes surrealism. It's mostly art-of-doing. I put technique, tension, action and fear into it. It must have a soul. Beyond that, the owner has the right to see in it what he or she wishes." The art of André Lassen seems to belong in a distant past or far future. It is not of this time.

The rings depicted are all cast in solid silver. They are unique; because of the specially applied technique, these cannot be made twice. The rings are female figures in combination with erotic sybols, such as horses, dragons, snakes, dragons and veils.

"I am obsessd with the early dark ages. The of passion of the Huns and the Vikings and their quest for land. When all of this was madness, there was plenty of land available. They were fearful days, but then again, without stress and hyperventilation. In his work, Lassen feels a kinship with the famous magical-realistic artists Johfra and H.R. Giger, the man behind the SF film Alien. Both artists that admire his work and own sculptures by him.

"I am now working on an SF film of my own, along with people of the local fim academy. I make figures for them, spacecraft and sets. I would like to contribute to a horrorfilm in the future, a ghost movie in which everybody feels: 'If ghosts exist, this is what they must look like'; a film in  which I explore real fear".

Inquiries regarding André Lassen’s daggers, sculptures and furniture may be directed to:

André Lassen
Grimburgwal 4
1012 GA Amsterdam, Holland
Tel: Int'l + 31 6 262 587 98

or his agent:

Leslie Barany Communications
226 East 27th Street, Suite #3D
New York, New York, 10016, USA
Tel:  (212) 684-2225
Fax: (212) 689-6494